Monday, May 7, 2007

Were Going Home

Sorry, it has been a while since I have updated. Times have strangely been a bit more stressful over the past week than they have been since the day Baby James was born. Surely things are not as tramatic as they were, but they are more stressful. The reason things are more stressful is because we are getting closer and closer to going home, therefore we have more meetings and busy work than we had before--the nurses have huge lists of things that we have to discuss and sign. The Doctors say that we will be discharged today, which is a blessing. Kristal and I are both super ready to go home. Baby James' surgery is healing well. He had some swelling last night, but it looked normal again this morning. The other night Kristal and I were able to stay in the same room as James with only one late night visit from the nurse. Here at the hospital they have a room called the Koala Suite, which is a room for those who are about to be discharged. We are going home with some equiptment (a feeding pump and a heart/breathing monitor) and so they wanted us to have a chance to use it on our own so that we might be comfortable with it when we get home. I fell asleep at 12:30 am and Kristal didn't fall asleep at all. Baby James is still quite sore from his surgery and is still having an issue with reflux. She held him for the majority of the night. Right now she is taking a nap. Please pray that she would be able to catch up on her sleep. Although we are ready to get home there is a fear of bringing our little guy home. Tomorrow we will be starting our new job as full-time (24-7) nurses. Please pray, because I know that most of you are thinking that this is the normal role of parents when they bring their new born home. But, really, it isn't. The difference is that our new born has a history of seizures, cannot eat through his mouth, has had a surgery on his stomach, has a tube sticking out of his belly, and is in danger of choking on his spit up and getting it in his lungs. Our parenting situation definitely is not as complicated and bad as some, but our situation also is far from stress free. Please pray that his surgery continues to heal well and that he experiences less discomfort. Also pray that Kristal and I would get good sleep. Pray for Baby James, he has been experiencing a lot of discomfort from gas, reflux, and the surgery and he has been hitting himself in the face a lot and his face is getting really raw. We have been putting socks on his hands to keep him from scratching himself, but he is still rubbing his face raw. His whole face is chapped--very uncomfortable. Finally, pray that James would be able to eat through his mouth. Thank you all so much for continuing in prayer.


Pastor Luke said...


It is great to see you guys get to finally go home. We'll continue to pray that little Jimmy continues to heal and get better. We'll also be praying that you and Kristal are able to smoothly get back into the normal grind of life.



Kathy said...

I've tried more than once to put myself in your shoes and have prayed for reduced stress, increased confidence, grace and peace from the Lord, and whatever else is needed for Kristal and Jimmy to effectively raise little James. Normal is a funny word these days, huh? Know others are standing by and are praying and would run the most mundane of errands or duties on your behalf. Keep us posted so we can pray, like for his little, sore face. We love you. James is fearfully and wonderfully made.
Kathy for the Bacons