Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hello all. Sorry to give you false information before, BUT they changed Baby James' surgery to tomorrow morning rather than this afternoon. They did this to reevaluate what was the best procedure. I will explain in a later post. For now I have to attend to some meetings with the doctors. His surgery is planned for tomorrow morning at 10:00 am eastern standard time. Thank you all so much for praying.


Pastor Bill & Marianne said...

Dear Jimmy & Kristal,

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be each of you. May you know His peace, joy and comfort in and through each and every difficulty you are called to face. Our Father does not waste any of His trials - they each have a purpose: for your good and for His glory. May you rejoice in everything He sends your way.

We look with you for the day James will come home!

In His love & only by His grace,
Pastor Bill & Marianne
Jer. 33:3

aunt said...

Jimmy and Kristal,
we continue to pray for our little man. Every day seems to be another answer to prayer.
How lucky we are that we can go to our Father for our needs.
We as a family are looking forward to the day we get to meet your perfect son.
Today is one day closer to his home coming!
Colby is having a hard time waiting to play Power Rangers with him.

All our love,
Aunt Lu and Uncle Greg

Rachel said...

Dearest Kristal and Jimmy,
May the peace of God which transcends all understanding guard both of your hearts and not only your hearts but your minds in Jesus Christ. May you continue to clothe yourself in His armor everyday. James has the best Healer, Protector, and Heavenly Father:
The I AM.
Love You,