Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some Good OLD Quotes

Kristal recieved a super encouraging letter from our good friend Katie. In this letter, Katie shared with Kristal some encouraging quotes from Thomas Watson and Charles Spurgeon. Kristal and I were blessed by them. We trust that you will be blessed by them too. There are quite a few quotes and they are written in old english so get ready.

Thomas Watson "All Things for Good"
Regarding the "promises of God work for good to the godly":
-God does not bring His people into troubles, and leave them there. He will stand by them; He will hold their heads and hearts when they are falling. (16)

The mercies of God work for good to the godly:
-So says a gracious heart, 'Lord, what am I, that it should be better with me than others? That I should drink of the fruit of the vine, when others drink, not only a cup of wormwood, but a cup of blood (or suffering to death). What am I, that I should have those mercies which others want, who are better than I? Lord, why is it, that notwithstanding all my unworthiness, a fresh tide of mercy comes in every day? The mercies of God make a sinner proud, but a saint humble. (17-18)

The evil of affliction works for good to the godly:
-His life, as Calvin says, was a series of sufferings, 'a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief (Isa 53:3). He wept and bled. Was His head crowned with thorns, and do we think to be crowned with roses? It is good to be like Christ, though it be by sufferings. (28)

-If a physician should say to a patient, 'Your body is distempered, and full of bad humours, which must be cleared out, or you die; but I will prescribe physic which, though it may make you sick, yet it will carry away the dregs of your disease, and save your life;' would not this be for the good of the patient? Afflictions are the medicine which God uses to carry off our spiritual diseases; they cure the tympany of pride, the fever of lust, the dropsy of covetousness. Do they not work for good? (29)

-It may be said, how do afflictions make us happy? We reply that, being sactified, they bring us nearer to God. The moon in the full is furthest off from the sun: so are many further off from God in the full-moon of prosperity; afflictions bring them nearer to God. (31)

-God's ways are 'past finding out' (Rom 11:33). They are rather to be admired than fathomed. There is never a providence of God, but has either a mercy or a wonder in it. How stupendous and infinite is that wisdom, that makes the most adverse dispensations work for the good of His children! Learn how little cause we have then to be discontented at outward trials and emergencies! What! Discontented at that which shall do us good! All things shall work for good. There are no sins God's people are more subject to than unbelief and impatience. They are ready either to faint through unbelief, or to fret through impatience. When men fly out against God by discontent or impatience it is a sign they do not believe this text. Discontent is an ungrateful sin, because we have more mercies than afflictions; and it is an irrational sin, because afflictions work for good... Shall we be discontended at that which works for our good. (61)

-When we look upon adverse providences, and see the Lord covering His people with ashes, and
'making them drunk with wormwood' (lam 3:15), we may be ready to call in question the love of God, and to say that He deals harshly with His people. But, oh no, yet God is good to Israel, because He makes all things work for good. Is not He a good God, who turns all to good? He works out sin, and works in grace; is not this good? (62)

-Thus let us endeavor to make the name of God glorious and renowned. If God seeks our good, let us seek His glory. If He makes all things tend to our edification, let us make all things tend to His exaltation. (65)

Charles Spureon, "Beside Still Waters"
-Trials greatly enlarge the soul. Thus I do not want, in my better mind, to escape great trials, since they involve great graces. If my strength shall be as my days (Deut 33:25), then let my days be long and dark, for my strength will be mighty, God will be glorified, and I will be blessed. I earnestly urge every tested Christian to dwell on this truth, for it may be a great comfort. There is love, immortal and unchanging love, in heaven toward you, which will never grow cold. You will be helped. God will sooner cease to be than cease to be faithful. Be of good courage, for today He will stengthen your heart.

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dear jimmy and kristal: you three are always on my mind. we are in constant prayer when ever i have a moment, your sweet child, i want to be able to hold him close. i praise the Lord for you two and baby james. will send you another note when i have time here at work. love you three so much. great auntie joyce