Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Witherington on Ehrman

I would like to direct your attention to Dr. Ben Witherington's blog. He has been doing a thorough and significant review of a new book, Jesus, Interrupted, put out by Bart Ehrman, a liberal, critical scholar of the New Testament who has become increasingly more popular because of his book, Misquoting Jesus. Dr. Witherington does an excellent job of exposing Ehrman's faulty approach to the text of Scripture. Dr. Witherington is not finished with the review (he is reviewing it chapter by chapter). I believe that it would be a benefit to any and every Christian to read what Dr. Witherington has to say about Ehrman and his approach to the Scriptures. Ehrman's skeptical, authority-of-Scripture-rejecting approach to God's word is becoming increasingly more popular in our culture today. It would be good for Christians to at least have a basic, cursory knowledge of what is out there so that you might be able to better deal with it when it comes your way (and it will sooner or later). You can access the first part of Witherington's review by clicking here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Shrimpy Day

Oftentimes, before checking my email at yahoo.com I will look at the menu, "Today's Top Searches" on the Yahoo! front page. I do so just to get a feel for what is occupying the people of my world. Usually you find that people have been doing searches on Brad Pitt, MLB steroid scandals, Barnie Frank, and other things of that nature. Anyway, I went there this morning and noticed that "Shrimp Recipes" was #7 on the list. I guess there were just a whole lot of people who were interested in cooking shrimp on April 2, 2009. Weird! I mean really, was the entry "Shrimp Recipes" really the seventh most common entry in Yahoo's search box? This really is a strange world.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request: 4/2/09

Please be in persistent prayer with my church family as we pray for one of our own. A little 15 month old boy named Sam has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The doctors have identified it as a neuroblastoma. He has a tumor that has wrapped itself around his aorta and his left one of his kidneys unusable, and has cut off circulation to his legs. They said that his bone marrow had 5% cancer in it. At this point he cannot eat much because of the size of the tumor. They started giving Sam chemo treatments Monday to shrink the cancerous mass so that they can remove it. As you can imagine, the situation is dire. Please also be praying for his faithful parents, Matt and Jen. Matt and Jen both have evidenced an inordinate amount of faith and trust in the Lord through this situation. However, they are overwhelmed (as would be expected) and are in need of much prayer. Please be praying for this family.

I will update more when I hear more.