Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hangin Out With Mommy

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Kathy said...

A beautiful treasure--the baby and the photos! Keep them coming so we can see Sweet baby James grow up! Now we just need one of the three of you!
Love Kathy for the Bacons

Karin said...

Kristal, what a precious picture of you and Baby James!! I'm continuing to pray for the three of you. When I look at the picture of James I printed out from the blog to remind me to pray, I also pray for you and Jimmy. I've also been reminded of something recently. The trials we go through are meant to draw us NEAR to the Savior. When things don't make sense, God desires us to CLING to Him and trust in Him. Trials can be a time of intimacy with God. He IS faithful, He IS merciful, He IS loving, and HE desires to reveal himself. DRAW NEAR TO GOD AND HE WILL DRAW NEAR TO YOU!!!! Your friend from King of Grace