Thursday, May 3, 2007

Surgery Day Today

Please pray for Baby James as he has surgery today sometime in the afternoon. I will update the blog when we find out the specific time he has the surgery. Please pray that it would go well and that there would be no complications. Also pray for Kristal and I that we would not get too anxious. Thank you all so much for praying. And thank you for leaving comments encouraging us. Your comments mean more to us than you think. Our biggest fear right now is that since Baby James' life is not on the line anyore that people will be less apt to pray. But this has not been the case. We are still recieving many comments which assure us that our Great Father is still being worn out by prayers for our little guy. Thank you all so much.

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Michelle Boronow said...

Kristal and Jimmy, know that there are so many who continue to pray with you through this stage of little James' beginning. Our God can do immeasurable more than we ask or imagine, and He is still in control. Thank you for your testimony to us who are reading and following what is happening. You have my prayers.

Michelle (I went to H.S. with Kristal, and am good friends with Rachel G.)

Pastor Luke said...


In my prayer meeting with fellow pastors in the Las Vegas area we will be praying for you and Kristal and especially little Jimmy.



Bryan said...


We certainly are praying for you all. Especially for the baby's health but, more importantly, that his future life would exalt our King.

Bryan Elliff

Jessy said...

Rejoicing in His perfect timing and the blessing of the throat doctor in making such an enormous decision! He is a God who cares about details, isn't He?
My church is still in prayer and I give them updates every Wednesday.
Be encouraged! Do you not know that you are more important than the sparrows?

kathy said...

Jimmy and Kristal and James,
You needn't worry about tiring of praying for little James. Many go on daily to your blog and they raise that little boy's name over and over. My specific request for people to pray is that he is desirous more than anything for his mother's milk (*as we should be for God's Word!) and that you would hear that little one cry appropriately so that you can meet his every need. We love you and go on often to see his needs and his progress too! You are wonderful children of the Lord and parents too! A great accomplishment for less than 3 weeks as parents, I would say! We LOVE you and the Lord loves you MORE!
Kathy Bacon for our family said...

Jimmy and Kristal,
We are continuing to pray for our little dear one. Granpa and I went to a funeral at church today for a good friend, and several people stopped and asked us how James was doing. Barb Burr was there and she said that her church was praying for him as well. He is adorable. I've sent his photos off to some of my friends that email every day to get an update, and they agree with this old Granny. You guys keep you chins up and know that our Heavenly Father loves you and knows all of your needs. May he hold you in his loving arms.
I love you.
Gramma Harky