Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby Sitting 101

Check out the baby in the background. That's right, his life was left in my hands. Oh, and by the way, if I could get a picture closer up to my face you would see that part of my facial hair is coming in gray. GRAY! I thought the grays were suppose to come in later than age 25. Oh well, I guess it is a sign of wisdom (or that I am getting older and dumber.... hmmm--I think you will find your answer by taking another look at the picture).

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Jessica said...

Jimmy, it's good to see that you haven't changed your goofy personality one bit... keep letting the joy of the Lord fill you up and give you strength at every pressing moment that you encounter. Blessings, Jessica H. said...

you have inherited the Hastings premature greying. Ha. Ha. I can recommend some color for you.
The pictures of that beautiful baby are awesome. Thank God for all his blessings, He has certainly intervened in James behalf. Thank you for your generosity in sharing them with us. Kristal looks just perfect as a Mom and you, I don't know!!!!
Gramma Harky

Lynn said...

Jimmy, I am just so proud of you. As far as the gray, I have a great idea . . . shave!!!!! Wow, now evveryone will know where you get your smarts - hate to brag!!!! I love seeing him in his bassinet!

Love ya,

Paul Buckley said...

Jimmy & Kristal,

Great to see that James is home and the surgery went well!

He is looking really good - James that is. Jimmy looks good too - even if he is already turning gray.

We are praying for you all!

Happy Mother's Day Kristal!

Love, Paul & Peggy