Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pickles Won!

Maybe I am a geek, but I thought the pickles/relish poll was quite fun. I figured that pickles would win, but not by such a landslide. I wonder how much money I could make if I sold these findings to George Barna and his geeky statisticians. I would like to start a new poll, but i need to think of something cool and exhilirating first. Anyways, I guess this makes me an official geek--can't win em all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Derek's Back!

I am happy to report that Derek Webb has (atleast temporarily) reunited with Caedmon's Call. Anyone who knows me well enough to know my middle name knows that I am an avid Caedmon's Call junkie. After all, was it not I (and Garrett) who invented Caedmon's Call pictionary? I think it was. Caedmon's Call definitely needs Derek Webb--he really is the glue of that band, AND Derek Webb definitely needs Caedmon's Call--they restrain his overly inventive tendencies. Honestly, the Lord has used Caedmon's Call's music to draw me closer to himself. I received Caedmon's new CD as a birthday gift and am thorougly enjoying it. I recommend it to all of you who wish to be in the very "center" of God's will--just kidding. The Lord has graced us with talented musicians who write and sing for the purpose of glorifying God, edifying the saints, and entertaining the people of God (which by the way, you sticks in the mud, is a good thing). Caedmon's Call (with Derek Webb) is one of the few bands who succeed at all three of these things. You can purchase this cd at