Thursday, May 10, 2007

Persist With Us

It is so nice to be back home. Baby James was at the Hospital for over 3 weeks. We have not gotten much sleep since we have been home--Baby James has a lot of gas and is in pain all day and all night. If he is awake he is crying. If he is asleep, he is still uncomfortable and wiggles and moves a lot. Please be praying for him that he would get some relief. We had an appointment with our pediatritian today and she hooked us up with some reflux medicine and some new formula that is super easy to digest. Please be praying that this new medicine works well and fast. Also, he has to feed every three hours around the clock, and each feeding takes about an hour and a half, and it takes two people to help feed because feeding through the g-tube is not quite the easiest thing to do. Kristal and I have been getting, on average, about 2 hours of sleep every night since we have been home. We have been blessed though because John and Kelly (my inlaws) have been super duper helpful. During the day Kristal and I will take turns napping while Kelly helps with the feedings. Kristal is still trying to heal from the delivery and I am trying to study for my finals and so really be praying that we would get our z's. The Lord was good to me because the school is allowing me to extend my finals date, which is a huge blessing. This morning the doctor said that James is healing well from his surgery and circumcision--Praise God. Right now the biggest prayer request is that James would get relief from this bad gas that he has been having. Thank you all so much for continuing to pray. Please continue earnestly because Baby James has a long way to go. Times will be much less stressful when he is able to eat orally. Also, be praying that he would fully recover from his brain injury. The doc's say that there is a chance that his motor skills (running, talking, walking etc) could be very poor as a result of his injury. His sucking is getting much much better. He mauls the binki now, which is a huge improvement. Oh, and thanks for praying about his crying! I think you might have taken us a little too seriously when we asked you to pray for that! God sort of over answered that prayer, because, as I said, he never stops crying. Like they always say, "be careful what you ask for." Actually, although his crying is never ending and proves to be a bit overwhelming, it is a blessing. The Doctors were all rejoicing and happy the first time they heard him cry (which, by the way, if I haven't fill you in yet, I was the first one to make him cry and it was the result of a classic "dad doesn't know how to change the baby's diaper" moment--it was pretty funny and typical. I had diaper rash creme all over me and the baby was all wrapped up in cords and everything else was going on). They said that his crying is an indication that he is healing from his brian injury. God is still answering prayer. God's grace is still being lavished on us.

I am a firm believer that God will often times delay an answer to pray to test us to see how much we will persist. He in a sense tests our faith in and dependence upon him. He wants to see if we actually believe that "cares for us." Continue to place your faith in the Infinitely Loving King of Kings and Lord Lords with Kristal and I. Comitt to believing what He has said in His word about Himself. Comitt to taking Him seriously when He says that He cares for us. Comit to believing God, because God has spoken--He has spoken many wonderful things about his power to heal and save. He has spoken many wonderful things about His love and care for sinners. Persisting in prayer is all about believing God. Persisting in prayer is all about believing that God is faithful to His promises. I urge you to persist in prayer on behalf of Baby James.

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the updates! Keep them coming then we know how to pray! OK, so his ability to cry is a little clear now. It sounds like he continues to progress, and continues to need to progress in other ways! Sounds like sleep will be extra restful--when you can get it! There are a whole legion of people raising little James's name to the Lord and we will continue! I agree that sometimes the Lord will await the right time to answer, and bring even more glory to Himself. I've been praying for your finals's prep, Jimmy. Will step it up a bit for more sleep for both, no, all 3 of you! I have no doubt in my mind about the helpfulness of the wonderful John and Kelly. You are blessed with wonderful love on all sides! James is a cutie! I wish Kristal a WONDERFUL first Mother's Day! and the grandmothers, likewise! Enjoy your little beauty! Thanks for the darling photos!
Kathy for the Bacons