Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good News

We have a praise today. Yesterday we went back to hospital for a check up with the Pediatritians. The report was very good. They said that his excessive crying has a lot to do with his brain injury, but they will not medicate him for that until they are sure, because many babies without brain injuries cry just as much and they don't want to medicate him for no purpose. They were concerned about his muscle tone. The therapist told us that he is overly stiff and strong for his age. This is the result of his seizures and brian injury. Please pray that Baby James would be able to relax his muscles and stretch out. The good news is that throat therapist gave us the go ahead to start feeding him orally little bits at a time. She seemed very confident in his ability to swallow and protect his airway while doing so. She rigged us up a binki with a tube going through it so that he might be able to get super small amounts of milk while he is sucking. She told us to test his ability to eat orally everyday. She recommended that we start with about 5 ml at each feeding to see how he does with it. Well, this morning we tested his ability and he not only took the 5 ml test, he took about 15 on top of that. He ate about 1/3 of his feeding through his mouth and didn't cough, choke, gag, or struggle one time. We are pumped because this means that he is getting closer and closer to getting the tube taken out of his belly. We are going to, at his next feeding, push him a bit more. We are going to give him as much as he can handle through his mouth and then finish off what he can't handle through his g-tube. Our next feeding is in about an hour so really be praying that he can do all 75 ml through his mouth. This is such a huge answer to prayer. We have also been majorly blessed because Baby James seems to be a bit less cranky. We have officially given him the nickname Mr. CrankyPants. He seems to like it. He has been very pleasant to be around today. For those who have had cranky babies, I am sure that you know that it can be difficult to enjoy a baby who never stops crying. Kristal and I are leaning to block it out which is a good tactic. Thank you all so much for praying. Please continue to pray with us for our little guy. He is making progress, but still has a long way to go.

If you haven't noticed, I haven't put much biblical thought up in a while. Well, hold your horses. I have been working on something for the past week. I have been writing something on why bad things happen to God's kids. I really want to make sure that it is clear so I am taking my time with it. I will hopefully finish in the next week or so. In the mean time, ummm.... read your Bibles? Later.


Katie said...

Jimmy & Kristal, we praise God along with you for the healing that's continuing to go on with baby James! May the Lord give you much grace to block out the crying. As a mom, hearing my daughter cry still breaks my heart and she's 6 months old. Josh, on the other hand, can really tune it out. We've never experienced the excessive crying though. I'll pray that the Lord helps both of you to trust that He's caring for and comforting baby James even when it seems that you cannot. Sounds like He's helping you guys be awesome parents to this little guy. Peace, Katie

Kathy said...

Great pieces of news and some prayer items as well. Keep them coming so we know how to praise and pray! Love,
Kathy for the Bacons

aunt said...

Jimmy and Kristal,
I look foreward to your updates every morning!
Praise the Lord for our baby James.
It seems like every day is a step foreward.
I never had a baby that cried all the time but Kristals mom had a baby girl that did.
When James has the eating thing down, Aunt Lu will baby sit and the four of you can go have dinner some night. Yes, that day will come!
We are all praying that each new day will be better then the one before it!
We love the three of you so much!
Love great Aunt Lu

Anonymous said...

Kris and Jimmy,
We are rejoycing along side you for the miracles and blessings poured out on James. I had a crier...her name is Jessie, and she has two babies who rarely cry! She also ate every 2 hours for what seemed like years at the time!! Please keep the updates and Blogs coming. It is good to know what to be thankful for and what to lift up in prayer.
Love, Auntie Lory

Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Kristal, I am so glad to hear you are all doing so well! We will definately be in prayer for the crying, although in itself it is a blessing that he is doing what he knows to do to communicate with you. We know what it is like to have a cranky baby around the house, of course not like you two know, but we are encouraged that the Lord chooses these things especially for us because He knows they will turn us more into the image of His glorious Son and reveal to us our further need of the Cross of Grace. We are so encouraged by your attitudes in these events and how much humility and willingness to be longsuffering you have shown us. Truly you are a great example of the miracle of grace in the lives of His people.
Will and Larissa Douglas said...

Hi Jimmy and Kristal,
Praise God for the healing he is doing in our baby. I pray every day for him and just know that he will continue to progress each day. I had a baby boy who screamed every minute he was awake, and I know how hard it is. I sure called him a lot of names that I won't repeat to you. Look how wonderful he turned out. He had colic for 3 months and had to be fed constantly to keep the gas away. I pray he learns to be more calm and how to relax for you. That will make a world of difference I'm sure. We are all so happy at his progress, may it continue each day. I love you all three so much.
Gramma Harky

Anonymous said...

dear jimmy and kristal, we are praying daily for the three of you. having had no children of our own, we feel like baby james is part of us also. i pray every morning on the way to work for a complete healing for your sweet child. steve is also on his knees at the same time so baby james is getting a double batch of prayer.
we both can hardly wait for the time when we can visit and hold and cuddle him and kiss his sweet face. you can never know how many people are praying for the three of you. our prayers don't stop in the morning, we pray through the day also. jimmy we love the daily updates you have been giving us, so we can know what we need to pray about daily. uncle steve and great auntie joyce want to be put on the list for baby sitter, when you need a little break. baby james is truely a blessing from the Lord. love you all, uncle steve and great auntie joyce