Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good News and A Scare

Kristal and I have both good news and a scare. In my last post updated ya'll on Baby James' new eating plan. The throat therapist gave us the go ahead to start experimenting on oral feeding. Well, by the second day of experimenting, he was eating his whole feedings through his mouth. Kristal and I attempted a call back to the throat therapist to see if we could start feeding him with a bottle. Well, she didn't call us back and we got sort of impatient and decided to try feeding him with the bottle. He ended up eating his whole feed with the bottle and loved it. He has been bottle feeding for the past two days and we haven't had to use his g-tube at all. The Lord is answering prayers. He is so mighty and able. Thank you so much for persisting. Now that he is eating through his mouth with the bottle it no longer takes two people to feed him. Also, since he has been feeding through the bottle, he has been much happier. He is still Mr. Cranky Pants, but he is much better. So that is the good news. Now for the Scare. Last night around 9:00 pm Kristal laid James down to change his diaper and his g-tube got pulled out. We immediately rushed to the emergency room. While James was in the ICU the doctors told us over and over that his g-tube would probably end up coming out and then encouraged us not to worry. This bit of information was helpful for us last night, but considering the fact that he has a hole in his belly made things a bit scary. At the emergency room the doctor put it back in and set up an appointment for us on Saturday morning. It was a bit of a scare, but the Lord worked everything out. This morning at his follow up appointment, the doctor said that everything looked fine. Please pray for Baby James that he would continue to feed through his mouth and love it. Also, please pray for me as I am preparing for finals. I am taking them on May 29th. Please pray for Kristal because she is quite tired and is having a hard time getting sleep. Thank you all so much for persisting with us. We love you all.

I am still working on a post answering the question why do bad things happen to God's children. I will hopefully be done with it in the next few days.


Katie said...

Jimmy & Kristal, what a testimony to the Lord's power to heal! We will continue to pray for complete healing as well as rest for you both.

Josh & Katie

Ann Hilton said...

Yea! I have finally caught up with your blog. Pat Irish from CBS kept sending me the link and I kept accidentally deleating it. Kristal, we all still miss you at CBS and hope baby James will be well enough so you can come back in the fall. You know what a great group of prayer warriors we are so you know we have all been sending up many prayers for baby James and for you and your husband, Jimmy. (Hi Jimmy) I have been in a core group with your grandmother and LouAnn (She is so much fun)this year. They have been keeping us posted every week on how things have been going. I'm glad I have finally found your blog so I can keep up over the summer and know your prayer wishes. Hope the sleep deprevation lessens as your sweet baby really starts chowing down on that bottle. Of course, I'm sure many Mom's have told you both that the worry for your child never ends but I myself wouldn't change being a Mom for anything.
Hope you get some ZZZZZ's tonight. Ann

Kathy said...

Thanks for the updates! Hope your sleeping better, now that he is eating better! Continuing in prayer for all of you! You are just getting a real crash course in parenting VERY early... they generally give you a few months, but James is obviously very special, as are both of you and your extended families!
Kathy for the Bacons

Kathy said...

Will be praying for you as you take your finals, Jimmy, AND as you study too!
We love you,
Kathy for the Bacons said...

Hi Jimmy and Kristal and my dear little great-grandson, James,
Sounds as if the excitement nevers ceases at the Warren residence. I'm so happy to hear about the feedings and that you will finally get a little break in the action. Your Mom told me about the trip to the emergency room and whether they told you to expect it or not, when it does happen, it's a major incident. I would have been nuts. I'm so glad that it worked out ok tho' and that he continues to feed with the bottle. The photos are just precious and I am saving them all in a scrapbook along with all your Mom's emails. It's just amazing looking back at just how far he has come. Praise God. I hope things go well for you in your finals, Jimmy. I'll be praying for you earnestly. I hope Kristal gets the needed sleep she so craves soon, and that you will all begin some semblance of order to your life. I wish so much that I were there to help out, but since I can't be, know that I love you all three with all my heart. I'm praying constantly for you.
Gradma Harky (Grandpa says Hi and Good Luck)