Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cars Make Me Sleepy

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Anonymous said...

dear jimmy and kristal: i had a chance to read jimmy's blog, what a blessing. we praise the LORD but not enough i think. baby james is sucking on his bottle, i am very very excited i know you guys are beyond excited. we will continue to keep you three in prayer, and i love his sweet face. have to go for now. love you a whole lot;, auntie joyce

Anonymous said...

Dear Jimmy,

I feel so blessed to read this web-page. You have such a beautiful baby, and reading how the Lord is upholding you and your family and answering everyone's prayers is very humbling.

I am sorry I have not been in touch sooner, I have been meaning to phone, but my hearing is so bad at the moment I am not able to, so e-mail is king. Please know that you, Kristal and baby James are continually in my prayers and I miss your company. I will be praying for your finals too. For Ethics, just remember that Dr Davis likes reference to lots of scripture quotes and one sentence synopsis' of these as the formation of your argument. For our exam he also told us to revise the 3 approaches to ethics, and the 5 factors to consider whether something is ethical or not. He also told us we would definitely get a question of pacificism and just war. Hopefully all this information will level the playing field for you, for the penultimate class you missed.

On my front:
Spiritually things are ok, which means neither distance from God nor ecstasy. Please pray that I am disciplined and develop structured and committed times of prayer, as at the moment my prayer life just feels that I am firing arrows into the air on an ad hoc basis. I would also like to get settled on something for my devotion time with God, as I am spending so much time in the Bible, I want to do something different than just reading a passage, but yet still want to be transformed. Finally, please pray that I am able to committ a lot of time to Shelley and Jessica this summer, and that I am able to work effectively and efficiently on the 1 and a bit courses I have to do in the summer, and not feel compelled to get a top mark in the classes.

You are an inspiration with how God is glorifying himself through your family at this time,

Andy Doyle

Anonymous said...

hi kristal i miss you, i'm glad everything is going along well for baby james, mom and i keep you and your family in our prayers. baby james looks like he is someone to pick up and hold, take good care of him and yourselves, love betty corliss

Kathy said...

Can we see a family picture, please?!