Friday, June 6, 2008

Moose A. Moose

This is James' favorite song. It sung by "Moose A. Moose," the host of "The NOGGIN Channel." Make sure to watch the video. Every time Moose A. Moose comes on the TV James smiles real big, kicks his legs, and flails his arms. Enjoy!

"Everywhere I Go" (lyrics)

Days are the sunniest
Jokes are the funniest
Rabbits are the bunny-est
Hives are the honey-est
Elephants the ton-iest
Troubles - they're the none-iest

Everywhere I go!

Straws are the bend-iest
Time is the spend-iest
Cards are the send-iest
Books are the lend-iest
Fun's the pretend-iest
Friends are the friend-iest

Everywhere I go!

Berries are the fruit-iest
Shoes are the boot-iest
Puppies are the cute-iest
Treasure is the loot-iest
Teams are the root-iest
Horns are the toot-iest

Everywhere I go!

Birds are the tweet-iest
Candy is the sweet-iest
Socks are the feet-iest
Tricks are the treat-iest
Drums are the beat-iest
Lunch is the eat-iest

Everywhere I go!

Flowers are the smelliest
Jams are jelly-est
Rain's the umbrell-iest
Tales are the tell-iest
Wishing is the well-iest
Buttons are the belly-est

Everywhere I go!

Skies are the blue-iest
Cows are the moo-iest
Gum is the chewiest
Ghosts are the boo-iest
Goo is the gooey-est
You can be your you-iest

Everywhere I go!


Lynn said...

So, my question is . . . are we speaking in third person? Who REALLY likes this? Knowing your love of mooses - well . . .

Luke Snowden said...

Jimmy, You have transgressed silly and launched into craz-iest!

Jessy said...

Buttons are the belly-est was a bit suprising and out of the box...

Emma said...


I am not going to lie. I love that song. The kids and I know a lot of the words and sing along... Adam especially pipes up at the "Everywhere I Go" parts.

Good taste Jamesy!


Ken said...

My grandson Wyatt loves that song too. He is only eight months old. When that song comes on he goes nuts. Kicks his feet, waves his arms and screams.