Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request 6/25

As many of you know, James (our 1 year old) has been struggling with reflux for quite some time now. Well, a few weeks ago we had to change his formula in order to meet his one year old nutritional needs. We have him on a double dose of two different acid reflux medicines and yet the reflux continues. James has been violently vomiting anywhere from 5 to 10 times a day for the past 7 days. For every one vomiting episode, he chokes and gags and spits up 10-20 times or so (literally--no exaggeration). He will often times turn all sorts of shades of red and blue while throwing up. It takes him quite a while to catch his breath. He has been gagging and choking in his sleep throughout the night as well.

Yesterday we went to the Doc to make sure his throw up was not getting in his lungs (he has never been able to protect his airway well and so has chronic aspiration). Miraculously, nothing got into his lungs! Well, this morning everything has gotten much worse. He hasn't eaten since yesterday in the early evening, and yet is throwing up (nothing) about once every 6 or 7 minutes. The weird thing is that he is not sick, and his vomiting in no way correlates with his eating schedule. We called the Doc this morning and are preparing for whatever they might tell us. Our greatest concern right now is James getting fluid in his lungs. We are also concerned about him getting dehydrated. Lastly, the Doc expressed concerns about esophagitis (where the esophagus gets damaged from reflux stomach acid).

We will probably be talking to the Doc today about the possibility of getting a nissen. In essence, a nissen is where they wrap the upper part of the stomach around the esophagus to keep fluid from going up.

Pray for the James: Pray for complete healing and comfort. He is overly tired and way uncomfortable.

Pray for the Docs: That the Lord would grant them good decision making abilities.

Pray for Kristal: We haven't been getting much sleep lately. This morning we got up at 4 am.

Pray for me: I have to stay up with my studies in the midst of all of this.

Thank you for your urgent prayers.


Katie said...

We'll continue to pray. As He has been so faithful to provide for you all and James this past year, I'm confidently waiting to hear how He provides during this need.

Praying that you guys don't grow weary but continue to trust the Lord and rest in His strength made perfect in your weakness.

Jessy said...

count us in!

Luke Snowden said...

We'll be praying for James as well! I am a lucky one who has esophogitus (actually called, eosiniphilic esophogitus). The good thing for me is that it was easily treated. I recently had a biopsy done to make sure it is going away. I'd be interested to hear if he does indeed have it, how they will treat it.

dianne p said...

Hi, Just came across your blog from jesus creed. As a nurse and a brand-new first-time grandma, my heart aches for each of you. I will lift you all up in my prayers.
Grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

Jon and I love you all so much, we are praying for all your needs, and we pray that the Lord shows the Doctors, the best approach to take.
The Lord has already used the three of you so much in many lives, what an honor, that He loves you so to bring you both to what His special plan is for you all.

Love Lu