Friday, June 27, 2008

James Update 6/27

I know that many of you are probably waiting for an update regarding Jamesy Poopy Pants. Sorry for not updating sooner (things have a been a bit hectic). To make things simple I will number each item.

1. James' vomiting has gotten much better. The docs put him on a certain type of medicine which dries up his saliva. They are thinking that his vomiting is, at least in part, due to his inability to handle his saliva (and he has a lot of it). Ever since they put him on this medicine things have gotten much better. It is not as if James is not throwing up at all now. He is still throwing up, spitting up, and gagging much more than normal. However, it has gotten much better.

2. They wanted to see if he could handle a full feeding at normal pace a few hours ago. Kristal and I were both skeptical about it. Anyway, he ended up throwing it up in the first few minutes of the feed. It was pretty extreme. They now have him on a continuous feed (10 ml's an hour--that's not that much). He is breathing much heavier after having thrown up--pray that he didn't get anything in his lungs.

3. Tomorrow they are going to replace his g-tube (feeding tube) with a jg-tube. A jg-tube is like the g-tube in that it feeds him through his belly. However, the jg-tube's tube goes into the belly and dumps his food into his intestinal tract. They want him to get the jg-tube so that if he needs to throw up he will dry heave. This is important because he cannot protect his air way. The jg-tube also helps with reflux and thus will prevent esophagitus. Since his food will be directed to his intestinal tract it won't sit in his stomach. Thus, there will be no food to reflux.

4. Pray that the Lord would grant healing to James' little body. Pray that the placement of the jg-tube goes well tomorrow. He has to be sedated for it. Also be praying that the Lord protect him from all of the radiation he is exposed to from all of the x-rays and everything else.

5. Continue to pray for rest for Kristal and I. Last night we both got good sleep (well... good as far as hospital sleeping goes). However, we are both still very tired.

6. I am really having a hard time keeping up with my schooling. Not only am I tired, but I have found very little time for studying in the midst of all the errand running, puke cleaning, and doctor visiting. It is not that I have fallen way behind, however I am taking accelarated (8 week, as opposed to 16 week, courses). Getting behind is not an option. On another note, I have been learning a lot. I am sure you will, as usual, get some posts regarding some of the things I have been learning.

7. The Lord has provided many opportunities for us to share the goodness of Christ with the doctors and nurses. Pray for boldness. Pray for evangelistic opporunities.

8. Lastly, and most importantly, pray that the Lord would grant both us and the doctors discernment regarding James. There are just no clear diagnosis. Nothing seems to add up. We still have come to no clear reason as to why James' vomiting has been this drastic. Pray for wisdom. The sooner we know what is causing it, the sooner we can know how to treat it. Pray also for his heavy breathing. It has been getting worse and worse since I started this post.

9. Praise the Lord for his grace. He is a good God. He is such a good Father. If you don't know my God, I want you to know that you are missing out. If you have rejected my God and his love, you are a fool. I hate to be blunt, but how can anyone but a fool reject infinite love? I encourage all of you (and not just those who do not know my Jesus) to run to him and be embraced by him. He will not do everything you think he should, but he will do everything that he knows is best for you. And he knows what is best for you much more than you do. Lean on Him, he will not disappoint you. Let his ideas (they can be found in the Bible) shape everything you do, say, and hope for. He is such a good God. He is such a good Father.


Dani said...

Thanks for the update... I was wondering. Still praying.

Rebekah said...

Thank you for the update, Jimmy. We are praying for little James. God Bless, Rebekah O'Halloran (maiden: Rebecca Britten)

Auntie Lory said...

You blessed me Jimmy. Thank you for your faithfulness, your boldness, and your love for my precious neice and grandnephew. You are all in our prayers. Praise Him for His love never fails.