Thursday, October 4, 2007

Time for a New Poll!!!

I was surprised to see hot chocolate win the last poll. I thought for sure that it would have either been coffee or espresso/cappuccinno. This poll thing has sort of become the highlight of my life over the past few weeks (just kidding). If anyone wants to express themselves about why they choose what they do you can leave comments on this post.


Lynn said...

Well, I'm just a little nervous to vote because I'm not too convinced that these polls are not rigged. I fully believe that steamed diet coke was the winner, but it didn't register.

So, here we are with these four and because yor dad and I are one, I guess that makes me an avid nascar lover :( Thats me being sad. Now you know how I voted so you are being held accountable to the outcome.

These are fun tho!!!!

Jimmy Snowden said...

I think I figured out the counting issue on the last poll. What happened was this, I made it possible for people to vote for more than one of the options, and when someone checked more than one box it only counted as one vote. In other words, 1 person voted for both coffee and tea therefore we will only count it as one vote. Make sense? That was the counting/voting issue. On this poll I made it so everyone can only pick check one box. For those of you who are dying to select two--if you feel that more than one box describes you (which would probably mean that you are some sort of a low life-jk) then vote and then come back later and vote again.
Anyways, I am sorry that you had to vote "nascar fan." I am thankful that Dad did not decide to become a nascar fan until after I went off to college. I can honestly say that I do not have nascar blood flowing through my veins.
Maybe you should start a support group for all those women and children who have to check the "nascar fan" box. You of all people will be understanding and sympathetic.
"Yes Deloras, I know life stinks, but just remember that the only reason you had to check that box was because of your husband."
Just to let you all know, both Kristal and I checked the "geek" box. There's just no question.

Lynn said...

Well Jimmy so much for your explanation because I only voted once and then signed in on another computer with another one of my plethura of emails to vote again. I think it may be time for Mythbusters - not sure.

I like the idea of the support group. It will give me that warm fuzzy to be helping someone else experience strength and hope in their suffering. I really think you guys are more dorks than geeks - but you already knew that and that is why you made nascar fan an option rather than dork.

Here is my idea. You need to start a support group to be sympathetic to those that suffer dorkiness and are in denial such as you AND your wife. Baby James will be protected because his grandma's will see to it. We are cursing that generational thing and will make sure that only the sweetness and lovliness of his grandma's rub off - oh and the machoness of his grampa's. For your perfect example - look at his cousins!!!! Yes, that includes Kristal's side as well. So, embrace your dorkiness and I know that others reading this will give me a huge and loud AMEN. (I hear you already Jessy!!!)

Lynn said...

Oh and BTW - I'm in full acceptance of my lowlifeiness in voting twice. Just so ya know.

Jimmy Snowden said...

I have the hardest time not eating a lot. I love food. I hate that gluttony has almost becomes something of a joke in churches. It is a true struggle for me as well.
One of the ways I try and keep a check on it is by refusing to buy pants bigger than size 36. RIght now 36's are a tight fit--to my shame. Kristal keeps on telling me, "jimmy you need pants, just get 38." I tell her, "If I cater to my growing waste, next year this time I will be trying on 42's." I honestly will not wear 38's. If I get to the point of being bigger than 36 I will only wear sweat pants. Maybe ridiculous, but it is something that helps me.

Jimmy Snowden said...

opps, accidentally put that comment on the wrong post.

Mason said...

NASCAR fan - When in North Peru, I was informed that an island we passing on the Maranon River was unclaimed. I named it "Earnhardt Island" and promised my friend I would raise a #3 flag on it if I ever passed it again. Late at night, when the moon is just right, the natives say you can hear the #3 car comin round turn 2. Ok - the last part is questionable (but not at all "out of the question").

Jessy said...

Sweatpants...oh my...Jimmy. You aill be the next Mr. Fuss (remeber him?)