Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rocky III in Spanish!!!

Friday night Kristal and I watched the last 3o min of the classic "Rocky III" on the Spanish Channel (yep, that's right--Date night! All you men who need ideas, come to me). Just to let you know, it was just as good in Spanish as it was in English. I think this should be the litmus test for manly movies. You know a movie is just for men if you can watch it in Spanish with just as much pleasure as you can in English.
Rocky's redone Spanish voice was pretty funny, as was his Spanish speaking opponent--Mr. T.
Although the Latino's have ruined the great drama of Rocky III for those who don't know Spanish, they cannot ruin the fighting. Although I didn't understand a word that Mr. T said, I saw him grit his teeth, stare down Rocky, land a few good body shoots, and I think I heard a "stupido" once or twice. Sorry Spanish Channel--if you want your channel to be completely useless to us stupid Americans, you are going to have start playing movies that arn't so manly!


Jessy said...

Krystal - you are so lucky.

jessy said...

jimmy (and Luke) - check out this revelation and maybe it will give you another topic for your blog.