Friday, October 26, 2007

7 Random Facts About Jimmy Snowden

Seven Random Facts About Me:

1. Everyone, including my teachers, called me "Lumpy" and different variations of it (Lump, Lumpster, and my personal favorite Lumpy Gravy) until I graduated high school. Some of my relatives still call me Lumpy.
2. My second toe is way longer than my big toe
3. When I was young I used to pee out the hole in screen in our second story window
4. God told me to shut up one day as a 4 year old when I was talking to myself while peacocking the baseball in my front yard (literally, I heard an audible).
5. I never ate my boogers (not even once, it grossed me out), but I did attempt my own booger collection
6. As a young boy I always coveted a pair of spider-man undies--my parents always bought me boring undies.
7. I gag every morning when I brush my tongue with my toothbrush (honestly, anyone got a remedy?)

I was driven to post this upon reading Ariel's challenge, "If you think your random facts can compete with mine, which I seriously, seriously doubt, trot 'em out and link 'em in the comments. I dare you."
I had to take the challenge.
Anyone got any fun random facts?


Ariel said...

OK, so as a child you spent a lot of time that the best you've got? And a second-toe reference, which you ripped off from my post. Really, I expected better.

The Spidey undies item was pretty original, I'll give you that. But on the whole, I don't think my seven facts have been seriously challenged here.

About gagging when you brush your teeth--it helps if you don't try to brush your tonsils.


Jimmy Snowden said...

First of all, your 7 are dwarfed by me being told to shut up by God Himself. The King of the universe telling a 4 year old to shut up is about as good and original as it gets.
I didn't think this was a serious challenge after reading about lame things like sizing people up and your favorite coffee.
Although, owning 17 garter snakes is pretty cool--AND STUPID!
Tonsils smonshils.

Ben & Angie said...

Gagging during brushing problem?

Resolution: Stand on one foot while doing it. It really works!

Jimmy Snowden said...

Good to hear from you. I will try (reluctantly) your suggestion. I hope I don't get caught doing it. Anyways, thanks for the tip. If this doesn't work, I will be royally ticked off-jk.


Regi G said...
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Ben & Angie said...

So....did it work or are you "royally ticked?"

Jessy said...

I thought you might have put inhow you used to collect new car scent tree air fresheners on your rear-view mirror; had a competition with yourself to see how close you could come to a mailbox while driving; or how you tried to latch up your 'Anal Probe's' head light with wire....hmmmm...the list could go on and on.