Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Magic Trick!!

How did Jimmy get the knife through the butter dish? Go ahead try it yourself. If you succeed I will find you a rusty old lawn mower at the Salisbury Dump Mall!

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Pastor Luke said...


I would guess that you lifted the lid and placed the knife ont he platter and the placed the lid over it. The angle of the camera might give the illusion that the knife is actually through the side of the butter dish, but I have my doubts!


Jessy said...

wow is all I have to say.

you know, I don't think that the Bible agrees with Pastors being magicians. You might want to look into a different day job.

Katie said...

Jimmy, I didn't know that you were getting into the Halloween spirit by engaging in such pagan practices. I am appalled. :)

Jimmy Snowden said...

First of all, Luke is a anti-supernaturalist.
Second, Jessy fails to understand that I am not yet a pastor and therefore I still have freedom to practice magic (just kidding for all of you out there who have no sense of humor).
Third, Katie fails to realize Halloween and Magic do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Fourth, you are all disqualified from receiving the grand prize of a RUSTY LAWN MOWER. Better luck next year.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jimmy,

In your defense, I saw the butter dish with my own eyes and it was indeed a magic trick. Except not the way you intended. It was magical to me because for a change you remembered to put butter in it the night before and didnt sneak over to my kitchen while I was sleeping and steal my soft creamy butter! - Your monster in law

Oh, and the word "DUMP" and "SALISBURY MALL" should never be used in the same sentence. Some will be greatly offended by that. Am I right Lynn?

Anonymous said...

Unlike the rest of you naive youngins, I was not at all deceived by Mr. Snowdens "Magic Trick". I expected more from those who left comments all should know that "Magic" is really spelled with a J! MAJIC! Oh you Jimmy!!! You didn't fool me!

Lynn said...

Oh Monster in law - I am more than appalled AND offended. I really thought he was raised better than that. I'm appalled in two part. One, I witnessed with my own two eyes the thievery of the soft creamy butter in the white butter dish. AND the empty blue butter dish only bearing a knive stuck through it. Secondly, putting the magic or (majic) of the butter encrusted knife sticking outside of the butter dish - the audacity of him putting the word DUMP next to MALL is beyond forgiveness. If I'm not mistaken I believe there were some pretty fancy dishes that MATCH that butter dish that came from the Salisbury Mall. Oh the ungrateful one he is. Glasshoppa what shall we do? How shall we approach this? This IS big. I will await further discussion with you regarding our next step.

Emma said...


I have to say that Emma and I were amused with you trick, granted, it was probably for different reasons. I was amused that my husband was honestly, really trying to "refute" the magic trick and Emma thought it was funny to see a picture of butter... so on behalf of both Emma and I, NICE JOB!

Lots of love to the family magician-