Friday, April 4, 2008

New Schtuff

I am happy to inform you all that Ariel Vanderhorst, one of my friends from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has just started a new blog. Many of you are already familiar with Ariel's present "Bitter Sweet Life" blog. He is going to continue with the "Bitter Sweet Life" blog, but he wanted to start a new one that would focus primarily on things having to do with Christianity. If you have been as blessed with Ariel's creative and profound writing as I have you might want to check it out. You can access it by clicking here. As with any human being, I do not agree with everything that Ariel says, however his content is worthy of a hearing.

Also, be praying for my dad. He went in for surgery last night to get some kidney stones removed. They ended up having to stop the surgery because the stones were too large to take out of his kidney without the large possibility of causing uncontrollable bleeding. He has been on a hospital bed all night with a tube sticking out of his back. He should be having the surgery some time today. Pray that the doctors would be able to operate with precision and wisdom. Pray that the Lord would grant my dad a quick recovery--I guess this surgery is painful.

Also, continue praying for us. James is doing quite well, but is struggling with reflux again. Also, we meet with his neurologist this coming week to discuss the tests they took last week.


Katie said...

I will pray that God completely heals James' reflux. Our little Owen has reflux and is in pain a lot, but nothing quite like James has.

I've been reading up a lot on reflux lately and one really really really helpful thing that I found was that reflux is cyclical. You might all ready know all about this, but I'll share it just in case it's an encouragement. (My dr. said she wasn't sure about it being cyclical, but my experience and probably yours says that it definitely is cyclical.) In other words, it can be worse or better at various times and could be great for a day or a week and then nasty the next. Trying to rack our brains with "why is it so much worse today ?" really doesn't get us too far because there's not always a definitive rhyme or reason aside from that it can come and go.

A couple weeks ago after some friends had laid hands on Owen and prayed for him, he hand an entire week with virtually no reflux symptoms. I was all pumped thinking that God had healed him and then the next week, it was totally awful and he was spitting up practically everything he ate and screaming in agony. I was tempted to be discouraged about that, thinking God had tricked me or something into thinking Owen was healed. (Horribly sinful thought, I know!)

Anyway, God's been kind to help me see that any day that Owen is feeling better is something that comes from His hand and something for me to be thankful for, while still praying for complete healing. I can trust that how much food comes out or in to our son is fully in control of our loving God...though I wish more was going in than coming out. As I pray for Owen's reflux healing, I'll pray for James as well.

Don't know if that's an encouragement at all, but I wanted to share it in case it might be.

Katie said...

p.s.- If he's on Zantac, I would love to share with you what our experience was with that and why we took him off of it. Let me know.