Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meet Dr. James R. Snowden II

This is a picture of James in his new wheelchair/stroller. He really likes it! Grandpa John is making a whole bunch of changes to it--I guess you could say that he is pimping James' wheel chair (is that an ok thing to say on this blog?).


Larissa said...

Will and I both this he has got the most adorable and contagious smile!! Such a beautiful baby!!

Larissa and the Douglas clan

Luke Snowden said...

Jimmy and John,

"Pimp My Chair" You could start a website and make lots a cash:

Katie said...

Maybe you could make your own "youtube" video like this one??

Jessy said...

he looks all grown up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristal and Jimmy,
Just wanted you to know I still think about you guys and baby James. His picture still hangs on my refrigerator. WHAT A CUTIE HE IS!!!God Bless!! Karin