Friday, April 11, 2008

Living on the Edge?

I just read an excellent (short) article by Jim Elliff entitled "No Lay-up Shot: A Lesson From the Master." Jim has an abnormal amount of wisdom that is so simple yet so profound.

I remember the engagement party our church threw for Kristal and I before we got married. We sat in front of everyone as they gave us advice on how to a have a god-glorifying, happy marriage. Well, since it was a church event almost all of the advice given had to do with honoring Christ and doing devotionals and asking forgiveness when we know we are wrong--you know, biblical stuff. Well, Jim piped up with his paradoxically simple yet profound wisdom: "Jimmy, you need to do everything you can to make Kristal's day easier for her. You need to remember that caring for the kids and keeping the house is just as difficult as the job you will be working. Here is one little thing that you can do for her to make her life just a little bit easier--hang up your pants. Rather than just taking your clothes of and leaving them where they lay, hang them up for her." That's it, that's all--just hang up your pants. Honestly, this piece of advice, although it was borderline painstakingly simple, was the most helpful advice I got that evening.

All that to say that Jim has an amazing ability to be profoundly simple. In the article mentioned above, Jim lays forth a simple challenge to Christians to not "play it safe." His purpose is to challenge Christians to give their all for the Kingdom of God.

Here is a little snippet:

There are those believers whose entire life is spent hitting lay-ups. These are the cautious, forever tentative people. Sadly, not much happens for the kingdom of God through them.

There is a time to be careful, of course. It's not courageous to play tennis on the highway, for instance. It's just stupid. But we're talking here about the big issues of life. Are you tentative or tenacious in your approach to the future? Did God place you in the world just to protect yourself or to do something meaningful and courageous?
Well said. You can access the article by clicking here.


Brian Keith Phillips said...

My friend Jimmy Snowden has recommended this article from Jim Elliff.

After reading Elliff's words, I would recommend them to any Christian. Please, do yourself a favor and read this article. Better than that, take Jim Elliff's advice:

You only have one trip through this world, or, to put it another way, you only get on the course once. You may not play out the entire 18 holes, or you may be blessed with a double round. Regardless, you had better take advantage of the short time you have. Life is not about lay-up shots, but bold advances for the Savior.

May we all have the faith to take God-glorifying risks with our very short lives. ...>

Lynn said...

Jimmy, I think Mr. Elliff would be so glad to hear that you heeded his marital advice. I wonder . . . does that advice pertain to sock balls as well? Just wondering!!!