Saturday, March 1, 2008

Where's All the Snow? It's In New England!

Oh, the joys of living in New England!


Lynn said...

So sorry Jimmy. Its 75 and sunny here in the southwest!!!

Jessy said...

oh my word! I feel you - that storm hit us the day before you! It will soon be over and in the heat of summer - we may find ourselves discontent and wishing it back!
For now, I say...yeah right.

ps- I think your wife is precious to talk to on the phone.

Jason said...

Jimmy, Why do you ask questions if you're just going to answer them yourself...

Is it for emphasis? Do you want me to come scoop your driveway, or your rooftop?

I would cuz I miss you that much.

Moe Bergeron said...

It's so nice to drive 60 miles south down 93 where the snow is less than an inch or two in depth.

Scientist have recently reported that snow has a lot of bacteria in it. You were stepping in a lot of bacteria so take a shower when you come in from the cold.

Love as always.

Luke Snowden said...

WHERE'S JIMMY?!!!! Are you alive!?