Friday, March 21, 2008

Rhyming: The Work of the Devil?

One of the things James has really grown to like in recent days is books. Unfortunately he is not all that interested in my books. I guess biblical backgrounds, hermeneutics, and Greek are not yet his "cup of tea." I guess there is always next year. Although he doesn't like my books, he is all over books like "Touch and Feel Farm Animals," "The Ox Cart Man," and his favorite is "Boats!"

The stupid thing about most children's books is that they rhyme. Because I am something of an annoying person (no commenting on this statement please), when I read to James I make it my goal to undo all the rhyming done in his books. I know what you are thinking, "What? You undo all the rhyming? Aren't you concerned about your son enjoying the book? After all, is it not the rhyming that makes such books fun for children?"

First of all, the theory which says that rhyming is what makes reading fun for kids has become highly suspect in recent scholarship. Ok, so maybe it hasn't, but I can say that James likes my unconventional reading style.

Here is how it goes--I will give you some lines:

"High boat; Low Boat; Fast Boat; Slow.
Boat by itself; Boats in a LINE."
Obviously, it was supposed to read, "Boats in a ROW." How stupid! Who writes these books anyway?

Want another? OK!

"Then all the birds began to sing
to tell the bears, 'Wake up, it's not winter any more.'"

This quote came from the book, "It's Spring." The Line was supposed to be read like this: "To tell the bears, 'Wake up, it's Spring.'" Need I say more? Do you now see why I am playing the role of a redactor?

My fellow fathers, I hope this adds some spice to your time with your children. The goal is to see how fast you can read the book while trading the rhyming words with other words that do not rhyme but are similar in meaning. Your child will love it if you yell the supplied word like moron.

Ok, so maybe i need to get a life or something.


Katie said...

Your last line said it all.

Larissa said...

You remind me of Will, but he replaces all the words with his own version and I keep telling him that they rhyme because it is supposed to teach them english quickly. Who knows, usually the boys believe all the fake facts daddy dreams up instead of the story. It makes Will laugh, especially when I hear his outrageous changes.

I have not read that book, but I will say that I am not a fan of any book that believes in training a child. Although some of the books might say train in the description, it is not in the sense of a dog or repetion as some of the 'christian' parenting books might say, like the pearls. I also do not advocate placing your children in situations to make them intentionally sin in order to train them away from disobedience, our children already have depraved hearts that need more guarding and shepherding, especially at young ages and not more heat simply for enforcement.

I would probably not check out this book because it has not been recommened by the CCEF guys or Lou Priolo or many other godly, heart focused and Cross centered writers. And mostly because I find one of my greatest dangers is in being legalistic and also a tyrant, if given even an inch my flesh will take a mile.

The books I try and look for, beyond being recommended by friends and my husband, are ones that make the point of being closely applicable to our own lives and hearts, this will naturally lead to humilty which is a great tool in linking to the cross. The recommends on our page are all very heart and especially cross centered. I cannot imagine pursuing a parenting book that didn't bring it back to the cross and even many puritan books have been good in guiding my parenting and teaching my heart its own boundaries and my own sin areas that need much guarding and prayer.

I would recommend avoiding that book especially if the description and comments are pretty off, many of the popular and even evangelical parenting books are totally bogus and dangerous for even mature believers to read, too full of the law and not enough of Christ, you know. Sorry I could not be of more help. I hope you and Krystal are doing well I know Will keeps meaning to call, it has been crazy here though!


Larissa said...

Sorry, as an addition, they are connected with the baby wise movement, which basically teaches scheduling your child. I am not really into that form of parenting although I also don't believe in the co-sleeping stuff either. I think this is not really where most parents want to lead their children, although they may hold some truths. It basically is alot about self control and teaching your child to pretty much do what you want them to. I know alot of girls who use this with their children, but I find with the more you have the more this topic is irrelevant. Sorry for being so long winded. Larissa