Monday, March 31, 2008

James Update

I am happy to inform everyone that this past Sunday the elders at my church laid their hands on James and prayed over him for God to heal him. Kristal and I have just recently been talking about how we really wanted to see this being done. Well, the Lord answered our prayers. For those of you who are suspicious of laying on of hands: read James 5:14-15. Prayer is not some magic button, but God does answer prayer.

This past week James had to be put under anesthesia for about 4 hours in order to have some tests done. They gave him a spinal tap, an MRI, a hearing test, and they set him up to do an EEG test. Those of you who have followed these updates know that James has already had a couple of EEG tests. Basically the purpose of the EEG test is to see if James is having seizures or not. Because James has been doing things that seem so seizure-like, they wanted to keep an EEG monitor connected to him for two and a half days. Thank the Lord, he tolerated it well.

Today the doctor will be reading the results of the test. He will also be getting back to us soon regarding his spinal tap and the MRI. Pray that we would get good, confident news back from the doctor. His hearing test went well. The doctor said his ears work perfectly.

Also, many of you have probably heard of James' recent struggles with vomiting. He has simply not been able to hold his food down. This lasted over a month. Well, sometime last week the Lord supernaturally fixed James' vomiting. He hasn't thrown up for almost a whole week. This is such a blessing because we were starting to think that he was going to have to have a permanent surgery done in order to fix it.

The Lord has been good to us. Continue to pray for James. Thank you for persisting with us in prayer.

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Jessy said...

he could be the happiest little smilin' kid I've ever seen! I am praising God with you!