Friday, January 25, 2008

Logos Bible Software Rocks the Planet Off Its Axis

For all of you nim-wits out there who aspire to learn Greek and Hebrew:

A few months ago while my mom was out visiting Baby James (notice that I didn't say she came out to visit us), I jokingly told her that I wanted her to buy me the "Logos Bible Software: Orignal Languages Library." Well, surprisingly she said, "I'll get that for you. Go get my computer, I will buy it right now."

I tried to convince her to not buy it--I just didn't want her to spend so much money (haha, yeah right). Anyway, she bought it for me.

Let me just tell you, this "Logos Bible Software: Original Languages Library" has revolutionized my study of the Greek New Testament.

Most people say that the thing that motivates them the most to study and learn the original languages is the glory of God. Not me. The thing that motivates me is the amount of money I have poured into all of my Greek reference materials. Just kidding.

I was thinking about going into the details of why learning the languages is important for pastors--it's the Bible for crying out loud--but I won't do that here. My purpose here is to highly recommend this Logos Bible Software to anyone who wants to learn the languages. It is well worth the cost. It makes learning the languages much more enjoyable. You don't have to flip thousands of pages (literally) in order to find the meaning of just one word.

So, if you want it here are my suggestions:
1. Go ask your mom
2. Go make some rich friends and con them into buying it.
3. Refinance your house and use the monies to buy it.
4. Sell your car--this software is much more important than transportation.
5. Make one of those fake printing press thingies: KIDDING
6. Whatever you do, don't try and buy it with your own money. Unless, of course, you have adequate overdraft protection.


Jessy said...

I think when someone becomes a grandma - it is biological that they give anybody, anything that they wish...
I'd keep milkin' it if I were you!
jk, Lynnard ;-)

Luke Snowden said...

Wow! I guess I know where I rank in the family! Where's mine?!!!

Luke Snowden said...

By the way, that previous comment was only the application of Jimmy's post. I will be sure and report if there is any success.

Jimmy Snowden said...

Good work my older padawan. I like the technique.


Lynn said...


In light of the discussion and "application" it has been determined by your father and I, that from this day forth you can exercise the fruit of the spirit and . . . . share.

AND, provided Clint joins the love for theology it will be a three way split.

Think about this.

your parents!!

Moe Bergeron said...
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Moe Bergeron said...

(my second attempt)

So this is what we have in the following order:

The need.
The beggar.
The godly philanthropher.
The jealous brother.

Sounds like the making of a parable. So how is it that the jealous brother discovers his sin through the need of the begging brother. To top things off the parents contribute to the plot while they consider dragging in yet a third brother. Why study Greek before anthropology?