Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The End Must be Near!

On my way to check my email at, an article entitled "Don't Send in the Clowns" caught my eye. Apparently, researchers from the University of Sheffield polled children to find out what they think about clowns. The result was unanimous--children are not partial to clowns.

My first thought was, "The Book of Revelation has to talk about this somewhere. We got the war in Iraq, nation-wide economic hardship, global warming, a prevailing paranoia of being bar-coded (for those out of the Dispensational loop, bar coded refers to being officially branded with the mark of the beast by having a bar code inserted into your right hand or forehead. Ok, so bar-coding is my own term), and now... and now... children have declared their suspicion of clowns! Surely it must be in there somewhere, anywhere. I might have to twist some Greek to find it. Maybe i'll have to ignore context. Who knows! What I do know is that it must be in there."

Actually, my first thought was, "Where on earth have you been? You actually had to spend thousands of dollars to figure out that clowns are the freakiest, sanity-stealing phenomenon on the face of the planet?"

Either way, the end must be near. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I've never liked clowns. They are totally obnoxious. The only possible exception is rodeo clowns, but that's probably because you get to watch them have many near death experiences. said...

I agree with your "wasting thousands of dollars" part. There are some tests that are absolutely ridiculous. Like this article. Interesting, but until a monkey picks up a phone book and calls a lawyer to sue another monkey, this study was a waste of money.

The only reason those monkeys didn't accept their "rewards" was because they saw that others got something better for the same amount of work. I guess it's a decent experiment- but no basis to show that our well-developed sense of justice has an evolutionary basis. Monkeys don't have court systems or form juries or have judges.

On the other hand, we will all be judged one day. That's something to think about. The Christian for his good works, the sinner for the bad.

Jimmy Snowden said...

I agree with the wasted money thing.

I agree with the judgment thing.

This post was meant to be pure satire. I was not looking at communicating truth at all. It was purely for comic relief, which we all need sometimes.


Jessy said...

Jimmy - if only people knew you. Right when I saw the picture of the clown, I knew in what context to read it. It is quite ironic that your post on taking something out of context was actually taken out of context. That makes me giggle.
Yes - clowns are ridiculous.
And even more yes - there will always be something ridiculous to freak out over (global warming, the war, clowns). I wonder what I would have been freaking out over and making my 'cause' if God did not see fit to set me apart...hmmmm... I think.....fat people in mart carts instead of walking. That really seems to bug me the most so that would probably be my agenda ;-)

On a serious note...I am so very happy about James!