Thursday, April 19, 2007

An update and some thoughts

As all of you know Kristal (my wife) gave birth to James Ryan Snowden II on Sunday morning (4/15) at 7:27 am. There were many complications with the delivery. Baby James came out without a heart beat and without ability to use his lungs. They quickly resuscitated him, but soon after he started having seizures. They immediately sent him up to Darthmouth Hitchcock Intensive Care Unit about an hour north of Concord, NH. Yesterday they put him back on the oxygen ventilator. His lungs are doing fine, but he is for some reason not taking the initiative to breath on his own. Right now they are running tests on him to see what caused the seizures. They got back an MRI which showed a mild to moderate brain injury to the center of the brain. The DR said that this is a common injury to full term babies. The DR said that, considering the size of this brain injury, the baby should not be doing as poorly as he is. Therefore they are going to do some more testing, because he believes that there is something else causing James II to be super sleepy and in need of help breathing. The DR also said that although James II has not had any seizures since the day of his birth, the EEG testing reveals that it is most likely only because of the seizure medicine (Phenabarbatol--sorry about the spelling) that they gave him. In regard to the brain injury, the DR said that there is no telling how it will recover. Everything is up in the air right now in terms of what caused the seizures. I will keep ya'll posted.

The Lord has been especially good to Kristal and I. He has given us grace to trust His sovereign hand. It is times like this that make people want to reject the sovereignty of God over all things. It has been difficult at times for me to want to fully embrace this aspect of God's revelation about Himself, but it is precisley this doctrine which has given Kristal and I the greatest hope, because this all sovereign God is also an all good God. He does not use his sovereignty like Hitler used his. He uses it as an infinitely good, loving, merciful, and kind King would. In fact, God desires our good more than we desire our good. God is both willing (good) and able (sovereign) to do abundantly more than any of us could ever ask or imagine. We know that whatever happens, it will be for our good. God has given us His Word to help us read meaning into our experiences. Without the word someone may look at our circumstances and come away thinking that God is either not good or not ultimately sovereign and that Satan has the upper hand. But the one who is leaning upon God's Word to shape the way they interpret their experiences will know that Satan has been defeated, and that God does all things for His Glory and for the good of his people.

God has taught both Kristal and I the fleeting nature of this earth. Please O please do not store up treasures here on this earth. The things of this world, over the past few days, have become so meaningless. Do not live for this world. Store up your treasures in heaven. For if we gain the whole world, and if all of our children are healthy, wealthy, and wise, and if all of our children live to be 100 years old but we lose our souls we are of most to be pitied. One thing is for sure, everyone will die. Another thing is for sure, only those who endure to the end will be saved. Keep your eyes on Christ. He is all you have. Find your joy in Him. Find your confidence in Him. Find your everything in Him. For he is the only thing that is everlasting and ultimately satisifying. If you lose Him you lose everything. But if you gain Him you no longer have needs.

Thank you all for your prayers. God is mighty to save. God is always quick to show Himself as the one who answers prayer. Keep praying for He is both willing (good) and able (sovereign).


Trent said...


I love you guys! God is sustaining all three of you. May he bless you for proclaiming His goodness in the midst of such difficulty.


Billye said...

Thanks, Jimmy, for professing your trust and your faith in our all present God at this time of greatly trying circumstances. We love you. Miss Billye

Katie said...

Jimmy & Kristal, thank you for clinging to the truth amidst suffering. What a comfort to know that God understands pain like no one else and is a "very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1 Your faith in His sovereign goodness is a testimony to the transforming effect of the Gospel in your lives and speaks a loud message to those around you. We will continue to pray and look forward to seeing more and more ways that He is being good and working out His glory in and through you.

Josh & Katie

Marian Harkness said...

My dearest Jimmy,
I can never tell you how much you and Kristal and Baby James have been in my heart and mind and prayers over the past few days. I wish so much there were something I could do, but I can't. I've put all my trust in our loving and understanding God and I know without any doubt that He will sustain you both. I love you all and wish with all my heart that I could take this away, but I can't so I'll stay by your side to do whatever I can for you.
. Bless you. Gramma Harky

John Dees said...

I love you, and we all here in Kirksville are praying for you.