Sunday, April 29, 2007

After-This was Today

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Aunt Dot said...

Hi Jimmy, Kristal, and baby James: I am going to try to send a comment one more time tonight and then give up again. I keep sending comments and lose them. I am not a Bill Gates!!!!! I love you guys and am praying for complete healing in James and I rejoice in watching God as He performs miracles before our very eyes. I totally trust God for complete healing and pray that the medicine he was on is the cause of him not doing well in his sucking and swallowing. I look forward to your updates. Love you

Jessica said...

Hi Jimmy, this is Jessica H, your old friend from Maquoketa. I just want you to know that I am so happy for you and Kristal. It has been ages since we've talked but I am blessed to hear of all that God is doing in your lives. What a sweet blessing that you both have before you, I am confident that He who loves you is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can even think or imagine. I am so glad that we have a Father that loves us and He has the power that extends beyond our abilities. The power to heal, the power to comfort and the power to carry us through dark times. I pray that in the midst of this that God would be glorified and many who know you would see the hope of Jesus Christ. Be strong and courageous, the battle is not yours the battle belongs to the Lord. So rest in peace in His tender love, let Him embrace you every time that sadness or hopelessness begins to surround you. Love you and God bless you abundantly=)

Emma said...

Jimmy & Kristal --

Ok, this isn't really Emma, it's Amy, but I had to borrow her blogger ID cuz I don't have my own blog, and she does. Sad, I know. My 3 year old is more internet saavy then me, so what can I say.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, since I haven't gotten to speak to either of you since the baby was born, how beautiful my new (AND FIRST) nephew is! You two make very beautiful babies ( well, technically God does, but you get my drift). Adam is insisting when we look at this picture that he is "poopy" and he "wants a change." So, you might want to look into that. If there is an expert on poopy diapers, its your nephew.

I wanted you to know that all our church members are CONSTANTLY inquiring about you two and the baby and asking continually for updates to be praying about. I am so encouraged to hear of how the Lord has sustained both of you through this storm, and its such a blessing to be seeing smiling faces in some of these pictures. We will continue to pray for you both to be strong and for continued healing for Zue. (Unfortunately for him, that is the ONLY name Emma will allow any of us to use when refering to your son, she is quick to correct if we say "James" or "Jimmy".) We will also be praying for wisdom for his medical staff and for your ministry to them. We love you all and can't wait to meet little Zue in person!

Love, Amy

Rachelle said...

Hey Jimmy and Kristal!
This is your old friend Rachelle (or R0-Tel) from the Vegas days! Kristal, I had the privilege of meeting you once on a trip you made to Vegas and I wish I could have had more opportunity to get to know you better! But know that Andrew (that's my husband.. =) ) and I have been praying for you and for James, as well as my parents! Deborah started sending me the updates via email so now you're mom sends them to me, and I so look forward to seeing how little James is progressing! Praise God for how far he has come, and for how God has been using you guys as a light for the gospel in that hospital! We will continue to be praying that James will be able to go home without the G-tube! We certainly do serve a great God who is able to do more than we can imagine!
God bless you guys and thank you for your steadfast faith in the midst of this trial. God has used you to encourage so many, including myself!
With love and prayers,
Rachelle and Andrew Johnson :)