Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Witherington on Ehrman

I would like to direct your attention to Dr. Ben Witherington's blog. He has been doing a thorough and significant review of a new book, Jesus, Interrupted, put out by Bart Ehrman, a liberal, critical scholar of the New Testament who has become increasingly more popular because of his book, Misquoting Jesus. Dr. Witherington does an excellent job of exposing Ehrman's faulty approach to the text of Scripture. Dr. Witherington is not finished with the review (he is reviewing it chapter by chapter). I believe that it would be a benefit to any and every Christian to read what Dr. Witherington has to say about Ehrman and his approach to the Scriptures. Ehrman's skeptical, authority-of-Scripture-rejecting approach to God's word is becoming increasingly more popular in our culture today. It would be good for Christians to at least have a basic, cursory knowledge of what is out there so that you might be able to better deal with it when it comes your way (and it will sooner or later). You can access the first part of Witherington's review by clicking here.

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