Thursday, April 2, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request: 4/2/09

Please be in persistent prayer with my church family as we pray for one of our own. A little 15 month old boy named Sam has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The doctors have identified it as a neuroblastoma. He has a tumor that has wrapped itself around his aorta and his left one of his kidneys unusable, and has cut off circulation to his legs. They said that his bone marrow had 5% cancer in it. At this point he cannot eat much because of the size of the tumor. They started giving Sam chemo treatments Monday to shrink the cancerous mass so that they can remove it. As you can imagine, the situation is dire. Please also be praying for his faithful parents, Matt and Jen. Matt and Jen both have evidenced an inordinate amount of faith and trust in the Lord through this situation. However, they are overwhelmed (as would be expected) and are in need of much prayer. Please be praying for this family.

I will update more when I hear more.

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Katie said...

I will pray.

We know of a family with the same type of cancer. The dad is a pastor at Covenant Life Church. Their young daughter (I think she's 2) is cancer free at this point after lots of chemo, drugs, therapy, etc. Anyway, their blog has been really encouraging to read. I think that she started battling this over a year ago. Just wanted to pass it on in case it might serve you all or their family. I'm sure if the parents emailed them or left a msg on their blog, they would be quick to reply or serve them in any way they could.