Tuesday, February 5, 2008

James Update 2/05/08

Well, as of Sunday, James' pneumonia and RSV was not getting any better, so they decided to admit him to the hospital. It is Tuesday and there is no end to our hospital visit in sight. Here are some things you can be praying for:

-James is on oxygen right now, because the RSV is making his breathing labored. When he falls asleep and relaxes, his oxygen saturation goes down too low. If his oxygen saturation numbers do not rise we cannot go home.

-James is not able to hold anything down. As soon as we put something in his belly, he throws it up. His diapers are starting to be noticeably drier and drier. Pray that he does not get dehydrated to the point of needing an IV.

-James is extremely hungry and so is crying every moment that he is awake.

-Pray for Kristal and I (especially Kristal--she never gets a break from him) that we get some sleep. James has been up in the night because of hunger.

-Pray for me as I continue to try and get all my school work done. I was thankful that I met my reading goal yesterday (Yes, I make school work goals every morning when I get up--yep, I'm a geek). But I think things are going to be much more difficult today, because James is not sleeping as much as he did yesterday.

-Pray that the Lord would open opportunities for us to share the gospel with the nurses and doctors.

-Continue to pray for my parents in their moving and job situation.

Thanks for persisting with us in prayer. Kristal and I are both extremely exhausted. I think the both us are starting to get somewhat tired of hospitals. Pray that we would embrace the work the Lord has for us. Apparently we haven't been busy enough about mixing among the people of our community letting our light shine in the darkness--God has a way of getting us where He wants us. We are thankful for whatever reason the Lord has us here. But, we are also ready to go home. This hospital visit has been extra difficult, because it is the first visit where I have had to continue my schooling while we are here. This effects both Kristal and I. It effects Kristal because I cannot be a helping hand. It effects me because it is hard to not be a helping hand. I am thankful for my mother-in-law (Kelly). She has come up to the hospital to help out. Anyway, keep praying. The Lord is mighty to heal.

Oh, do you like the picture. Those are his new ear muffs. He gets overstimulated by loud sounds easily. Actually, they are to muffle the loud ramblings of our pastor--Moe. Haha.

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Katie said...

Jimmy & Kristal, we are praying. Lynn sent out a prayer request w/some pics of you guys and I was thinking "where are those photos taken? The hospital? No...they look too happy." Then, at the last picture I realized that indeed, they were taken at the hospital and it struck me once again how noticeably different you guys are from the world. Yes, you are exhausted. Yes, you are facing the continuation of a painful trial. But through it you are noticeably joyful because you are not living without hope as the world is. I was so encouraged just thinking of how you both are bringing glory to the gospel by the way that you are seeking to depend on the Lord right now. It makes me love God even more, seeing how much grace He is pouring out on your lives.

I pray today that you will be encouraged, knowing that the Savior is pleased by your fight to "continue in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel" (Colossians 1:23). May God fling wide open the doors of opportunity while you are there to speak of this great hope that has enabled you to rejoice in the midst of such sufferings!

We pray for God's quick healing of this nasty RSV.