Friday, December 14, 2007

Surgery on Monday at 11 am

Kristal just scheduled James' g-tube surgery for Monday at 11 am. We have to get there early to put an iv in. Kristal, the phlebotomist, says that James' veins are really small and hard to find and that they will be smaller and even harder to find because he has been eating and drinking so little. Pray that getting the iv in will not be an issue. Also pray that James does well with the surgery--he is already weak and not eating which could cause complications in surgery.

James will be in the hospital overnight and we will be staying with him in his room.

He will have the slinky hose like g-tube for 4-6 weeks and then we will get to switch it out to a Mickey Button.

The doc said that there is a 15% chance of James getting an infection in the stomach wall during surgery.

We are going to try our hardest to lay low and protect him from stimulation before his surgery. He is not really in a good spot health-wise to be having surgery so really be praying.


Jessy said...

with all those things that seemed to be stacked up against ya, it might seem easy to expect the worst, but to me, if God is pleased to answer our prayers the way we hope, all those potential problems (infections, deydration, small veins, etc) will be overcome which will only prove God to be who He says He is...a glorifier of Himself, a faithful Father, a doer of mighty deeds.
I will pray that the doctors will be dumbfounded and the nurses will be speechless at the continued miracles God has Providentially performed in James' life - through his pregnancy, birth and his last 8 months.

Katie said...

We'll be praying & I'll put the request on my blog for people to pray as well. How amazing that in less than a year, this little guy has been brought before the throne of grace countless times. The Lord continues to be quick to hear...