Saturday, June 2, 2007

An Update and Some Thoughts

This past wednesday Baby James had an appointment with his neurologist and pediatritian. Overall, things are looking up for Baby James. Dr. Rhodes (his pediatritian) was overly surprised to hear that Baby James no longer needs his g-tube. She referred to him as the "Miracle Boy." We talked to her about his g-tube. She recommended that we keep it in for another month to be safe. Kristal and I both agreed with the Doctor. As much as we would like it out, we know that, for the sake of the unexpected, it is best to keep it in. He has been eating on his own now for over two and half weeks, so we know that he will most likely not need it. Our meeting with the neurologist (Dr. Morris) was extremely informative. Immediately after looking at Baby James Dr. Morris made some general observations. First of all, he informed us that he could instantly tell that Baby James had a brain injury. Although most babies cry, Baby James cries like a baby who had a brain injury. Although most babies move their limbs, Baby James moves his limbs like a baby who had a brain injury. Babies with brain injuries cry and move their limbs, which is normal, however, they cry and move their limbs in frantic/spastic ways. Because of this, he decided that it would be best to put Baby James on some muscle relaxing medicine. The medicine is suppose to help him, umm... relax. All I can say is, "Thank you Lord for muscle relaxing medicine!" Since we have been giving him medicine, he has been sleeping normally and crying much less. At first, when we gave him the medicine, he was having a hard time eating because he was so tired. He is starting to get used to the medicine and is now eating more than he was before he was on the medicine. Before giving Baby James this medicine, he was too frantic to look us in the eyes. Now he looks at us. Before giving Baby James this medicine, he would only sleep about 2 hours a shot, now he sleeps about 4 hours at a shot. Baby James is finally happy. Make no mistake about it, he is still Mr. Cranky Pants, but he is much more civil about it. He is much more aware and happy when he is awake, and he actually sleeps when his eyes close.

Here is a list of things to pray about: 1. Pray that Baby James would continue to heal. He has come a long way. God has done some wonderful things. There is still a lot of healing left. All of the doctors are telling us that Baby James will for sure have issues later on in life because of his injury. What a wonderful thing it would be for us to be able to, 10 years down the road, tell them that Baby James has no issues because God is mighty to heal. 2. Pray that God would continue to allow this medicine to be effective for Baby James. Pray that he would continue to sleep soundly. Pray that he would continue to be happy. 3. Pray that the Lord would continue to teach us wonderful things in light of what we have gone through. 4. Pray for me as I look for a job. I hope this doesn't sound too picky, BUT specifically pray that I would land a job where I would have plenty of time to study. I am specifically thinking of a job doing security at a guard post. I have been applying for security positions. Pray that the Lord would open up for me a job where i would be able to work and study. I would either like a job like this, or a job doing ministry of some kind. I really would like a ministry position, but I do know that not many churches would feel comfortable with a 25 year old in leadership. 5. Kristal and I are ready to get on with life. We really want to get back to church etc. Tomorrow we are planning on going to church. Pray that it would go well and that Baby James would be handleable (yep, I made that word up). 6. Kristal is still healing from delivery. She is getting around great, but there is still a lot of soreness and pain. Pray that she would completely heal quickly. 7. Pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen our marriage. This circumstance has grown us closer together. Pray that our love would deepen even more. 8. Lastly, pray that God would provide a place of fellowship for us. This is something I have been desiring since we have been in NH. Pray that the Lord would lead us to the right place. We have visited many wonderful churches since we have been up here, but we are still not sure where we are going to go. Kristal and I are both hungering for some good godly fellowship.

Thank you all for continuing in prayer for us. We love you all. Thank you also for praying for my finals. I did well on my ethics final, but felt a bit unsure about my Christianity and Culture final. The Lord provided me much study time. I have learned so much through my classes this past semester. Oh, and pray for my seminary--Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dr. James Emery White was named the new president of the seminary last July. Well, he just resigned as Gordon-Conwell's president. Dr. Haddon Robinson has been named the new interim president. Pray that the Lord would put the right man in this position. Pray that the Lord would put a man in who is doctrinally sound, emphasizes the original languages, and helps train students be culture engagers.

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Dearest Jimmy and Kristal and Baby James,
What a beautiful great grandson I have and what a lucky little boy to have such beautiful parents that love and adore him so much. I loved the photos and I especially loved your blog. You inspire me every time I read them. I have given the blog to friends and they are just amazed of you two and how faithful and honorable you are. I am so terribly proud of you. I used to hear Haddon Robinson and his wife on a talk show on WDLM all the time. He is marvelous and I'm sure will be a great asset to your seminary. If you can get any of his tapes, please do. You will love him. I will see if I can get you some. I'm still waiting for you to tell me when I can come. It's up to you guys. I have a whole bag of kisses and hugs for him. Praise God for his mercy and goodness in dealing with James.
I love you all
Gramma Harky

Katie said...

Hey Jimmy & Kristal. We are continuing to pray and thank God for His kindness to you and baby James. Thanks for the blog updates. p.s.-Let Kristal know, when I had Tali my midwife told me that from her experience, redheads have much harder recoveries than non-redheads. It took me months before I wasn't in pain and even more months before I started feeling a little more normal (as if I'm ever normal!) again. That's not necessarily encouraging news, but just wanted to let her know that I had a similar experience. And now that I'm feeling sudo-normal, we're expecting another baby! So, all normality has gone out the window, probably forever. It's God's kindness though, for sure! Grateful for you guys and your steadfastness. Katie