Tuesday, June 26, 2007

He's Photogenic

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mharkness@machlink.com said...

Hi guys,
I didn't get around to calling you over the weekend and I'm sorry. I hope you aren't mad at me. I love the picture of James. He just gets cuter and cuter each time I get a photo. Tell him that his great-grandma loves him and can't wait to see him and hold him. Hope you are all well. Any luck on finding a job, Jimmy? I'm praying for you. Love to all three.
Gramma Harky

Larissa said...

He's definately a looker!

Anonymous said...

hello you three,

nice to see you at the wedding, last saturday. how was baby james when he got home? i hope he slept well that night, we are keeping all of you in prayer. we love guys so much, and all of you are a real blessing to the family. GOD knows what he is doing when baby james was born into the family. we have alot of unsaved people to reach, for the LORD. again we love and miss you all,,,,,,,,,,,
your great auntie joyce

Pastor Luke said...

Donde Esta?!

Jessy said...

what a cutie! I can't belive how little he is! My fatty weighs me down these days! Enjoy the smallness as much as possible!

Anonymous said...

hi kristal,
how are you, getting some rest and you too, jimmy, we a still keeping you three in prayer daily. the LORD is faithful, steve and i love and miss you so much. keep your eyes on jesus he is the only one you can truly count on. love you all,,
auntie joyce and uncle steve

Lynn said...

So, James Ryan Snowden Sr., are you EVER going to update this????? I keep checking every day and . . . well . . . we won't talk about the fact that you haven't posted a thing for ONE MONTH. I must say tho, I do like looking at that photo!!!!!