Monday, May 11, 2009

Tennis Hopes Become Reality

Following up on my last post: Well, although I have yet to see Nadal and Federer square off in the French Open championship match, I can happily say that Andy Murray (the guy on the right) officially overtook Novak Djokavic's (the guy on the left) #3 ranking.

Interestingly, I just read in an article by Iaian Rogers that Murray looks to Nadal for his motivation to improve his game (the 0.000034% of you who want to read this article can access it by clicking here).

I do not foresee Murray taking over Federer's #2 ranking this year; however, Murray, at 22, is still quite young while, at least in tennis years (I guess it is sort of like dog years), Federer is reaching old-timer status (at almost 28). He is not there yet, but it would be safe to say that Federer's time is running short, and I forsee Murray being the one to take his place when that time comes.

One thing is for sure, Murray would certainly like to break up the Nadal vs. Federer epic. After all, he said the following in an interview:
"Rafa and Roger are probably the two best players ever, so I'd love to try and break that up... The rankings reflect my good run and I just need to try and focus on winning."*
I don't think the question is if he will be able to do it, it is when. On the other hand, tennis stars often times come out of the wood work, jumping from being virtually unheard of to being in the top 10 within one single year. Unfortunately I lost my crystal ball, we'll just have to wait and see. Yes, I find following tennis to be a good lesson in theology. God is sovereign over all, even over rich, sweaty, long-haired tennis guru's.


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