Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brian Regan Got it Wrong!

I am sad to report that Brian Regan got his information wrong. Brian Regan is my favorite comedian. Below I have pasted a video of one of his comedy routines making fun of Dora the Explorer. Watch the video and then read my concluding comments.

All of us up here in New England know that Regan's postulation that those in the Kennedy household would pronounce it "Dora the Explora" is completely off base. Rather, those in the Kennedy household (and the rest of New England for that matter) would pronounce it "Dorer the Explora." Oh well...


Luke Snowden said...


Your Pharisaical interpretation of Regan doctrine is simply incredulous. You should feel shame for mocking and correcting the King of Comedy Kings! His is a kind of genius you should not question. If he says the Kennedy's speak that way, then they do! Submit to his comedic genius and lay low in your futile attempts at correcting him.

Jessy said...

He forgot, "Backpack, Backpack! Backpack, Backpack! Yeah."

The creativity is astounding.