Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christian vs. American Worldview Part II

Yesterday I answered the question "How do we find happiness" from a Christian perspective. Today I will be answering this same question from the perspective of the average American. Remember that I have made my answer as brief as possible. Try and think of how you have seen these things prevalent in the lives of nonbelievers whom you know. Think of how the Gospel may speak to their unique and specific needs. Then go and show them how they can find ultimate happiness. Feel free to add or expound on anything that I said. Also, feel free to give any suggestions on how we are to go about presenting Christ to them in a way that shows them both the depth of their need and the great ability of our Savior to meet that need. After reading this post reread Part I and consider the blessing it is to be a child of God.

How does the average American find happiness?

"To the world, happiness has everything to do with either living a fulfilled earthly life, and/or helping others do the same. Often times we have a tendency to caricature Americans by saying that they have no desire to please anyone but themselves. This is a mistake. Many seek their happiness in giving their kids the best life possible, while others live their lives to meet the needs of the down-and-outs in our world. There are seven main things which Americans mostly consider to be the source of happiness: money, freedom, recognition for charitable deeds, success, sex, comfort, and humor/entertainment. These seven things constitute a happy life. As long as one can say that these things are the trademarks of their life, they must be happy. However, discontentment sets in as soon as any one of these things is amiss. Happiness is attained only when these six things are constantly sought out and acquired. The only problem is that these seven things only bring momentary happiness, and often times after this happiness vanishes it leaves one feeling depressed and hopeless. Ultimately the world cannot offer lasting happiness."

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