Friday, August 31, 2007

That's The Spot!

Today Kristal and I went to the Hopkinton Fair. We had a wonderful day. We saw many exciting things, including a cow who apparently liked the feel of a cool breeze upon his behind!

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John said...


I know you are not caught up in the clutches of the gender neutral camp. So, why you call this cow a "he" is either evidence you are starting to use the TNIV, or that you care so little for the cow that you would sacrifice the cow's self esteem for your laziness in failing to accurately describe this animals gender.

Rebuke noted.

Pastor Luke said...


that previous post was written by me, I wouldn't want some whose a stranger to you, to be confused and accused of sarcasm that is my fault.


Brian Keith Phillips said...

Pickles seem to rule at Context is King, eh?

Jessy said...

wow - that's the Jimmy I know. Nice picture. ;-)

jess said...

wow that is my sisters cow that is so weird. me and her show cows at the fairs. we never miss a year of showing in fact we r going this year. well monett is so much bigger now she is going to have a baby. i will have to tell my sis i saw her cow on the computer she will be so shocked. well maybe i will seee u at the hopkington fair this year.